IC Girls Review

IC Girls4.5
Review: August 3, 2010
IC Girls4.5
Review: August 3, 2010

IC Girls is a live cam site that allows you to connect with real amateur models - and see what they are willing to get up to for your viewing pleasure. As well as featuring their own exclusive models, the site also features some of the sexiest models from the popular Cam With Her live cam website. You can chat with these girls as part of a group or you can take them into the cosier surroundings of a private chat!













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There are currently a total of 315 models registered on this site but at the time of my review, which was around 3pm CET, there were only 14 online! The general navigation on this was a bit too simplistic for a cam site in that I did not see any categories of girls or action that you may see on their cams to browse through. Not such a hardship when only a handful of girls are online, but could be a real pain when (or if) they procure more performers. The photo galleries themselves are pretty nicely presented but there were no .ZIP galleries with them whilst the videos that some models have available played at 640x480px but were only for streaming purposes. I found it useful that the professional models were named in full so that you can find out more about them if you wished!

I think it's becoming more of a trend amongst some live cam sites to have their cams fed in from outside companies, and clearly that is the case here with ICGirls.com taking many of its girls from the Cam With Her site. Live cam sites are different from photo and video content sites in that the exclusivity of the content doesn't matter quite as much, but it may well do if you come here expecting to see some new and different girls! I do think though that there are obviously far too few girls on this site and very little choice. So whether they are getting their models from other sites or not, they need more talent.

The bigger issue with this site though, for me, is the pricing system which I really did not get and the different types of shows that were mislabelled. The private shows were not private, for a start, but the VIP shows were the ones that should have been labelled as 'private'. The prices were sometimes ridiculously high with one girl charging $19.99 per minute for a VIP show! Plus, when I DID click for a private show, I had 20 credits taken from me straight away and then told that I did not have enough to watch the live show at $3.99 per minute. Huh? I've really no idea what is going on here!

IC Girls.com is a site that has been incorrectly titled, for me - there were barely any girls live TO see. An unnecessarily complex pricing system coupled with charges I did not understand and some models charging absolutely ridiculous amounts for their performances makes this a site that is very, very difficult to recommend at all. The girls seem perfectly nice, I have to say, but you might need to take a second mortgage to afford so much as a titty flash from them.