My Sexy Divya Review

My Sexy Divya6.8
Review: February 9, 2012
My Sexy Divya6.8
Review: February 9, 2012

This is the "official site" for one Indian model named Divya Yogesh. There is a history about her, where she was born and some life time information for the member to see before getting into this lovely lady's videos and photos. They are all done in HD and are interesting to see and collect as videos . Photos aren't in .zip files but you can use the right click save as to get them from if you want to collect them for your private library.













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Once in the member area, you can access all the videos and photos the site has to offer. Divya is the only model on the site and she is a lovely girl with dark skin and dark hair and eyes. She enjoys posing in photos and videos for her members. There are plenty of masturbation vids, and shots of her in the shower and doing other things she does in her busy days as a model.

My Sexy is tame by comparison to others, but it has a hint of art in the photos as well so that is a little different. It updates monthly, and there are places for the members to leave their comments for the sets, or take a poll, and there is also support for the site should there be a problem. There are advertisements on the right hand side of the page should you want to check out other sites like this one.

The techie specs are as follows:Picture Resolution 800 x 600 pixels,
Video Resolution 1080P HD,Video Bitrate 2000kbit/s, and Updates once a month. The content here is exclusive to the site as well. In the blog, there doesn't appear to be a lot of action, but if you look on the right side after the adverts there is a click able list of subjects and comments you can check out.

She is quite wordy in her life story that is posted, along with photos of India and some nice buildings and scenery But, that isn't what the site is about. She has a lovely body and you do get to see plenty of it, but some of the videos are kind of tame compared to other sites. This will be a more entertaining site once there is more posted on it and it gets more member participation.

The quality here is good to excellent in the video and photos. She is a lovely Indian gal with quite a zest for showing off her well conditioned body in her content posted here. I recommend this site so that in time it will hopefully grow some and encourage her adventures in video.

In conclusion, my is a worth checking into site, not pricey to join but, it is a smallish site even though the quality is good to excellent. It is a single model site, and she gives her history of her growing up and a photo tour of her country as well as her content for the site of herself. She is a lovely authentic Indian girl and this site definitely has potential to become quite popular.