Pornstar Network Review

Pornstar Network9.8
Review: December 18, 2009
Pornstar Network9.8
Review: December 18, 2009

Pornstar Network is a massive all access network that gives you access to 55 sites, filled with exclusive content covering a massive array of genres and niches. That only tells half the story though - there are over 10,000 videos available here, well over 1000 standalone photo galleries, not to mention screenshot galleries with all of those videos. Oh, and did I mention the presence of over 3700 different performers as well? Ahh, I now have!













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As mentioned above there are huge amounts of content littered throughout PornstarNetwork but the network itself adds 10 updates every single day, which is an astonishing amount of content. The presentation of it all is fantastic and you can view all of what is on offer here in the free tour. There are excellent menus for the stars as you can browse them in a whole number of ways, whilst there are also an enormous array of drop-down menu options for browsing the content in other ways. Really, it was practically faultless.

The viewing options on all of the videos were amazingly good. There is a trailer on every video for a start, whilst you could also stream the whole video if you wished. But the download options were even better with video resolutions varying from 160x120px right up to 720x480px. You can download videos at full length or in shorter clips and .MP4, .MPG and .WMV formats are all catered for as well. All screenshot and photo galleries are available for .ZIP downloads and if you use the .ZIP downloads you can get images sized as large as 1600x1200px too.

It is almost impossible to try and pack in everything you get access to on into this review space, but I'll try and cover as much as I can! As expected, the larger concentration of the sites lies in hardcore genres with sites such as Peter's Cumshots and Lex Steele proving especially excellent mainly due to the male stars behind them. What you will also tend to find is that very few sites just have one genre to them - there is a lot of crossing over. For instance, Swallow Squirt brings cum swallowing to female ejaculation territory and Swallow Me POV tries cum swallowing and blowjobs in a POV style.

It's what helps make this network great. Quality solo sites are present in the likes of Christine Young and Busty Christy, lesbianism thanks to the outstanding Flirty Pussy, and amateurs in First Sex Video. Like I say, this is only scratching the surface really because there is an insane amount of stuff on board here. Inevitably you do get several sites that no longer update or are quite small, but this is a network that gets it right far more times than it gets it wrong.

Amount of content: 4,780 videos
Update frequency: daily
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 720x480
Video types: flash, wmv & mp4
Photo resolution: 1600x1200px
Available for mobile: unknown

Pornstar has just about everything going for it - a huge amount of sites, loads of content and updates, exclusive content all the way, fantastic user interface and presentation, and a mass of genres and themes covered. Yes, there are bound to be one or two minor complaints along the way but no porn star fan should be without this, especially if you stick closer to the more mainstream side of porn. You need this a hell of a lot more than you need the week's groceries, that's for sure!