1 Week Punishment - Monday

Released at: May 19, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Headmaster Tom is reading when he gets a call from the bank. He's soon horrified to hear that someone has charged 5,000 pounds on his credit card. He has an idea who it was though and calls Laura into his office. When she arrives he asks if she has charged on his card and she at first says no but eventually nods yes. Now she must be punished, severely. She is ordered to kneel with her hands on her head and to take her panties down. HM Tom leaves the room. Laura's trepidation is palpable as she awaits his return. When he does he has the cane, promising her a very long and severe punishment. The cane sails in the air again and again as Laura is bent over with her buttocks exposed. The Headmaster informs her that she will be punished for five days, that this is only the beginning. Laura grimaces but does not cry.

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