18 Young and Tight 5

Released at: November 3, 2003 by Dreamland U.S.A.
Ashley got braces on her 18th birthday. Now she has to open extra wide to swallow. She'll give the best head on campus in no time at all! Sheila is a dirty girl. She craves giant dildos to satisfy her 18 year old lust. She wants to drop to her knees and suck the cum right from out of your balls! Brandy's boobs hurt because they're still growing. She doesn't want it to hurt when you pop her cherry so she's practicing with a big black dildo! Toni loves to drink cum. She wants you to slam you big cock down her greedy little throat! Shawna has the biggest tits of anyone her age. She loves to bounce them around while she gushes cum all over her favorite vibrator. She wants you to lick it all up!

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