19th Birthday Part 2

Released at: June 29, 2009 by Girlfriends Films
**Scene One:** Rayveness takes Anita Dark to a cabin for a romantic weekend. During their conversation while getting to know each other better, the women sit closer for warmth. There are some touches and caresses between themselves. Their chemistry is cute. It's very sexy and playful. Their fondling session is very sensuous. The tit playing is hot. Their kisses and soft dialogue are steamy while being topless on the couch. Later, Rayveness and Anita take their glasses of wine and leave for the bedroom. On the bed, they remove their shoes and lay next to each other. They continue to feel each other. Their intimate dialogue remains sexy. Thier kisses remain hot. The women remove the other lady's pants. Anita squeezes Rayveness' tits on her face. She also sucks her tits. She slowly slides off the woman's panties. Anita squeezes Rayveness' breasts. They kiss. Ms. Dark slowly licks her way down her body until she finally reaches her beauty spot. While licking her private plaything, Rayveness moans with joy. After kissing again, they rub their groins against each other. Next, Anita lays on her stomach as the lady plays with her hair. Then, she kisses her back and runs her hand along Anita's body. Then, Rayveness gets on top of her coworker's back and humps her ass. Afterwards, she rubs Ms. Dark's muffin and clit. She also applies soft kisses on her stomach. Soon, Rayveness tastes her intimate plaything. Then, she rubs it in a longer session. Some humping follows where Rayveness is on top. Then, a nice scissors follow. The women kiss as Rayveness is on top of Anita. At the end, they snuggle. **Scene Two:** Faye Reagan shows up at Lexi Belle's house. Miss Reagan is still looking for a place to move.The scene shifts to where Lexi is calling Faye so that they can hang out together. They make plans to meet later in the week. When the day actually arrives, the women sit on the couch and Faye tells the young lady on why she had to move to Los Angeles. Faye's explanation of her situation pulls the viewer in. Overall, their chemistry is hot. Their giggles are cute. Miss Belle asks her that she should try a younger woman. Moments later, they kiss. Some titty playing follows. They head to Lexi's bedroom. They kiss on the bed. After some titty sucking and fondling by both ladies, Lexi rubs Faye's panty covered gem. Next, Faye runs her hands on Lexi's pretty ass. Then, Lexi gets on top of the woman and sucks her titties. Then, she positions herself down to her groin region where she eats her peach. Despite being the youngest ladies in the cast, their body language and sexual behavior are very steamy. Next, Miss Reagan is on top and working on Lexi's breasts. Soon, she is eating Lexi's sexual plaything. Then, Faye is on her stomach and chest as Lexi licks her snatch. These two young ladies are remarkable. Lexi does a super job manually working on Faye's pleasure zone. Next, Lexi humps the woman while being on top of her. Later, a 69 follows in which Lexi eats her peach aggressively. Then, Lexi is on her hands and knees as Faye eats her snatch. Next, Miss Belle humps Faye while trying to get her off. At the end, some fondling and kissing occurs. **Scene Three:** In her cute bikini on top of Alexis Ford's bed, Samantha is putting lotion on the woman's body. Her technique is very sensual. After rubbing it on her back, the beauty applies the lotion on her legs. After caressing her arms, Samantha kisses Alexis. Their kissing session is sweet. The women's' bodies look great together especially when Samantha is humping her while being on top. Some tit playing occurs between the both of them. Next, the gorgeous lady tastes Alexis' sugar plum. She does a solid job. Later, she lays on her back so that Miss Ford can hump her with nice energy. Afterwards, she licks Samantha's pretty peach with a sultry method. More of her aggressive hump action occurs soon. This scene is not as good as the two previous ones. It lacks the sensual, emotional bond between the women. **Scene Four:** Janet Mason tells Faye Reagan that she has romantic feelings for her. They kiss. Some titty play occurs between the two women. Ms. Mason rubs Faye's love spot. Afterwards, she orally pleasures Faye's beauty spot. Later, Miss Reagan works on Janet's jewel as she is on her knees on the bed. Faye does a good job fingering the woman and also rubbing her clit. Then, Ms. Mason gets on top of Faye and humps her with a lot of gusto. The emotion between the ladies is great. They kiss and snuggle as the scene ends.

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