1A Hausfrauen!

Released at: February 5, 2020 by Fun Movies
1A Hausfrauen! Four episodes of housewife sex from Vienna! One dreams of hanging up the laundry from the neighbor and then he is actually at the door. What a great coincidence, we can finally fuck! The other, also hanging up while washing, makes her lover so horny in her apron outfit that he has to powder it immediately. The neighbor, already horny for the next fuck, is in the apartment and this time finds the cleaning lady vacuuming. It doesn't matter, she also has a great ass and wants to be fucked. No sooner said than done - rums bums! And then there are the artisans who like to unpack their special tools to get them to the lady of the house. Service-oriented and sperm-horny!

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Scene1: 00:00:23 - 00:28:59 (28:36)

Scene2: 00:29:06 - 00:56:50 (27:44)

Scene3: 00:56:57 - 01:19:56 (22:59)