25 With The Belt

Released at: May 18, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Dana is lying face down on a table. Headmaster Tom comes in to the room to keep his promise of punishing her for being late for PE that day. Twenty-five minutes late to be precise and that's how many strokes of the belt she is going to receive. He tells her to lift her dress away from her bottom. She obeys him. Beneath her dress her knickers have already been removed, so she presents a bare bottom to him. After each stroke of the leather belt, she is instructed to count and say "thank you sir." As the belt makes contact with her bottom, she screams but stays in place. Poor Dana, what with the sting of the cane and having to keep count ? as well as the "thank you, sir," it's no wonder she loses count. Eventually she has endured twenty strokes. HM Tom tells her he's a fair man and therefore he won't give her the remaining five. But, she is to stay lying face down on the marble topped table for at least two hours, to reflect on her bad behavior.

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