A Beer In The Sun

Released at: April 6, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Micaela is lying on her tummy - sun bathing. She's reading a magazine, while sipping on a long cool beer and the warm sun is making her drowsy. Her eyes become heavy and she drifts off. Michael just happens to be wandering through the garden at Girls Boarding School and is quite disgusted with her - while her friends and fellow students are in a history class, this lazy girl is sunbathing. As she is already lying face down, he seizes the opportunity to start spanking her. His large hard hand soon has her bottom writhing about and as she squirms about, kicking her legs and screaming, he ignores her obvious distress and carries on spanking her. She pleads with him to stop, but he tells her he'll stop only when he believes she's had enough. After the hand spanking he drags her indoors and up to her room. Now she is told to lie face down on the bed and he goes onto using a carpet beater. Her beautiful shapely bottom is turned from a creamy white to a blazing red. Finally he advises her to take the last five strokes without fuss - and it will be all over. He leaves her lying on her bed rubbing gently at her very sore bottom. Once she has composed herself, she dresses into her school uniform and goes to school to catch up on her history lesson.

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