A Terrible Afternoon

Released at: April 26, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Pigtailed Sophie sits on the patio, reading a newspaper. From the balcony, Headmaster Tom calls to her and asks what is she doing? She flippantly responds, "homework." He calls her out on that and says to him it looks like she is reading a newspaper. She argues back and forth with him so he calls her inside to do her homework. He gives her the choice, either she comes in or he comes out. Sophie remains defiantly outside in the sun. Before the Headmaster can get down the stairs from the balcony, Sophie races inside, finds a key and locks the door to the outside. When Headmaster cannot open the door, he also searches for the key and when he cannot find it he realizes that Sophie has locked him in. He shouts through the screen for her to let him out but she remains resolute in her desire that she stay outside and he stay in! Of course he finds another way out of the house, through the window, and now he is angry. He charges over to Sophie, grabs her out of her chair and immediately administers a hard spanking to her bottom. She finally says she is sorry and he commands her inside. Before they get inside, when he sees her choice of reading materials it also raises his ire. He gets a switch from a nearby tree in order to teach the little minx a real lesson. Sophie hides by some bushes near the pool. The Headmaster tries to cajole her out and as he waits the number of switch hits she will receive grows to 15 from an original 5. He makes her remove her skirt and panties, takes her to a corner of the balcony and tries once again to reason with her. Sophie bends over to take her punishment. When he is finished the Headmaster lets her throw the switch away. Her bottom looks terrible but it is all her fault. A half hour later Headmaster Tom is still having trouble with Sophie, so much so that he has to administer another punishment, the tawse on her hands. Has she learned her lesson yet? Silliness will not be tolerated at GBS!

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