Abi's Confession - Pure Humiliation

Released at: May 25, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
As the door opens Abi quickly gets into the position she was supposed to be in when he had left her. Headmaster Tom is checking on how she is doing. He had left her sitting on the hard floor, wearing nothing but a cami vest. Her legs and feet were not allowed to touch the floor, so she was balancing on her coccyx. When he asks her if she has been in that position since he had left her, she swears that she has. However, unbeknown to her, the hidden cameras have shown her with her feet touching the floor ? and masturbating. HM Tom tells her she is disgusting. She explains to him that her reason for coming out of position was due to the discomfort she was in. But she receives no sympathy from him, as the pain and discomfort are part and parcel of the punishment. Therefore, he is going to leave her in that position for a further hour. She pleads with him ? telling him she's tired and beginning to shake. So he decides that she needs a cold shower to wake her up. After a shower so cold that it makes her gasp, she agrees that she is now awake. Handing her a soft fluffy towel, he tells her to get dried and come back to the living room in two minutes. Unfortunately, she is a minute late and this angers him even more. So he tells her to stand facing the wall and bend down. He cracks the belt across her unprotected bottom, causing her to stand up clutching her bottom each time the belt makes contact with it. She's to spend another hour in pain and discomfort ? kneeling in a tray full of peas. There is no way she will be able to masturbate now.

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