Abi's Confession - The Cane & Real Tears

Released at: May 17, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Abi is kneeling on her bed waiting for Headmaster Tom to join her for another punishment session. When he arrives, he's brought a cane with him. Telling her to put her bottom up as high as she can, the caning starts. He doesn't hold back and the stroke causes her to collapse onto her stomach. Giving her a couple of moments to compose herself, he again brings the cane down on her sore, bare bottom. He then insists on her thanking him after each stroke. Thwack! The cane again makes contact with her bottom. It takes her a moment to thank him. She is in obvious distress. However, he tells her, the caning will go on until such time as he sees genuine tears, which up to this point he has not seen. Giving her three more strokes of the cane now he looks into her face and the tears are flowing freely. By this time, she has had enough. So the caning comes to an end. But, she is to do some corner time. Eight hours of standing and reflecting on why she's been punished. She is free to go to the toilet and have some food and drink before the eight hours start. Will she be able to go through with it?

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