Adam & Eve's Short Stories

Released at: October 9, 2017 by Adam & Eve
Watch 4 erotic vignettes in one sizzling video! Couples will love these twisted erotic tales. In **Gonzo Girls** a trio of female porn producers audition well-endowed nude hunk Sebastian and they like what they see. And lick. And suck. The one in charge even loves it where the sun don't shine! **Couch Surfing** shows you what happens when you live with a hot, horny dominatrix like Nora Belle - hey, nice ball gag. Does he come before the doorbell rings? For **Being Single** you'll peek in on beautiful Ana Foxxx as she longs for the perfect date: big you-know-what + big brain! To fight bedroom boredom, for **The Game**. Mona uses a deck of cards (and her hot girlfriend) to perform some erotic "tasks" around the house! If you've ever asked "why are these people having sex?" - then come to these Short Stories!

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