Addison Rose's Video Diary: Entry 2

Released at: July 4, 2011 by On The Mark Productions
Addison Rose is an adorable brunette with perky tits and a perfectly trimmed pussy. She begins the film with a gum chewing scene; she chews and chomps, blows bubbles and twirls it around her finger. Next, Addison angles the camera for an extreme close-up on her pretty pussy while she masturbates. Very nice! Then our brown haired cutie has some fun with balloons! She bounces, topless, on the balloons, giving you an idea of what she'd look like bouncing on your cock! Finally, Addison is topless and wearing see-through panties as she encourages you to jerk off. She mimes the movement she wants you to do! This little vixen is insatiable!

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