After Free Massage Stephanie

Released at: June 17, 2019 by Desert Wind Studios
We don't know what it is about these girls that come to see the old man for a "free" massage. I guess because he makes them cum a couple of times on the massage table they owe him something back. We see Stephanie and the old man in bed wrapped up in each other's arms. He sure does like these young girls. He really likes her beautiful tits. He lets her play with his electric toothbrush on her hot pussy. She said she wanted more action so he gave her a large pink vibrator to play with. She really liked that so he sucked on her tits as she played with her pussy. After a while she crawled between his legs to suck on his cock. She did not seem to mind that his cock was kind of soft, she just wanted to make him feel good. He could not stand it any longer, he put her on her tummy, oiled up her asscheeks and started grinding his cock between her asscheeks. It did not take long for the old man to cum. I wonder if she will be back?

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