Afternoon Delight 10

Released at: March 7, 2019 by Alpha Beta Media
Number 10 from Afternoon Delight A lush woman dances seductively for her man. She eagerly sucks his penis and writhes as he eats her shaved pussy and fingers her. She climbs on top and rides his hard one. She uses her hand to make him explode and he sure does all over himself. In the 1960's/1970's, male audiences would have been looking for a shaved pussy because they were rare. It was not necessary to see the shaving of a pussy but in seeing a finished shaved pussy in sexual action. The actress has a"shaved slit" but is a "French Cut" type of shaving. A "French Cut" only shaved the bottom half of a lady, but left everything above the Clit still with hair. This is exactly the type of shaved pussy that this actress has.

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