Aged To Perfection 4

Released at: October 7, 2002 by Totally Tasteless
When I was a boy, my first piece of ass was an older lady whose house all us guys would go over to and fuck her. Her name was Bea, and she taught me all about sex, my balls used to ache to unload my jizz in her. This video is a tribute to her. I still love older women. I always have and always will. This tape has all oral cum shots and four anal sex scenes, these older ladies really know how to satisfy a man.

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Scene1: 00:01:52 - 00:20:40 (18:48)

Scene2: 00:20:41 - 00:37:44 (17:03)

Scene3: 00:37:45 - 00:55:40 (17:55)


Kitty Foxx

Scene4: 00:55:48 - 01:09:53 (14:05)

Scene5: 01:09:54 - 01:23:56 (14:02)