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Released at: November 9, 2016 by Brazzers
**Scene One: Steamy Business - **When Johnny's boss Monique Alexander invited him into the sauna to unwind and relax, he went along with an open mind. But imagine his surprise when she stripped down fully naked and showed him her tight ass, her sexy feet, and those big juicy tits! **Scene Two: Meet Me In MILF Alley - **All alone on the wicked street in the middle of the night, Helly got down to work reeling the Johns into her web. She sucked off her first customer with the deepthroating and sloppy blowjob skills of a seasoned veteran. Then she got on Keiran's dick and humped him hard on a sofa until she got a fat load all over her face. **Scene Three: Shay Fox's First Anal - **A new yoga instructor showed up at Shay Fox's studio applying for the vacant teaching gig. Shay told the eager applicant to show her how he teaches a class, and guide her through several movements. Once Keiran laid a hand on Shay's fit and flexible MILF body, it became clear she just wanted to fuck. **Scene Four: Two Feet, One Cock - **Nina Elle lucked out at the spa when the masseur assigned to give her pedicure/massage turned out to have a foot fetish. Once her pussy got so wet she could barely handle it. Nina reached out on foot to tease down her masseur's trousers and get a handful of his cock. **Scene Five: Club Cougar Steals The Cock - **When Lisa Ann overhears some amateur slut trying to deepthroat Danny D's monster cock in the women's room , she can't help but stop to listen. The true fellatio master that she is, Lisa can't handle it when the silly skank says that Danny's cock is too big and kicks her out so she can have that huge dick all to herself! **Scene Six: Don't Fuck With this MILF - **It's Keiran Lee's big chance to impress big-shot TV producer Ashton Blake, and her assistant has just one vital piece of advice: focus on sex!

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Shay Fox

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Nina Elle

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Lisa Ann

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