Alone At Last!

Released at: March 2, 2022 by Web Young
Two step-sisters, Kenzie Reeves and Chloe Cherry, are hanging out in the living room, getting settled on the couch. They are cheerful and happy to be around each other and are about to watch a movie on Chloe's mom's laptop. They curl up on the couch together, browsing the laptop. After a moment, they accidentally find a workout video on the laptop and decide to do that instead of watching a movie. The girls play the video and start by following some of the stretching exercises, watching along and mimicking the poses in the video playing on their screen. They giggle and have fun limbering up, being completely innocent the whole time. They then do some of the exercises, which are still pretty innocent. They are really getting into it and enjoying it, poking fun at each other sometimes. Jessie Saint is excited for her first time alone as her parents leave for an anniversary trip. Before they leave, her parents can't stop fretting over her, but Jessie assures them that everything will be fine! When Jessie's finally alone, she happily lounges in her underwear and gets ready to watch ALL the scary movies her parents don't allow her to see. She's been waiting for this chance FOREVER and she can't wait to see what all the fuss is about. But although it's all fun and games right now, by the time night rolls around, Jessie has some serious regrets about her life's choices. Harley Haze and her friend Penelope Kay are hanging out in Harley's living room, discussing how they can get more followers on social media. Penelope says that doing makeup tutorials is super popular. Harley perks up at the idea, but then sadly points out that would require buying lots of makeup, and neither of them can afford that. They come up with several more ideas, but end up rejecting all of them. They finally decide to do an unboxing video, but neither of them can afford to order anything. Harley says that one of her parents is always receiving packages, so she'll just 'borrow' the next package that comes in.

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