Amateur Anal Attempts 34

Released at: June 3, 2013 by Homegrown Video
Scenes Include ============= Terry Sullivan - Catch Her From Behind ------------------------------------------------------------------- Terry comes home to find her man masturbating on the bed and she tells him it's fine but she wants to help. She takes off his pants and blows him. She pulls off her panties and lets him lick her as she grinds her pussy on his face as they move into 69ing. Then she sucks on his cock some more while rubbing her pussy like crazy. As she gets her mouth fucked she chokes on his cock and fingers her own asshole. He gets on top and gives her pussy a pounding, then they switch and she gets on top! Next she turns around for some reverse cowgirl anal before she bends over and takes all of his huge meat in her ass until he is ready to explode all over her face! Josie Li - Asian Afternoon Anal Attraction ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ernest Longfellow and his girl are getting ready to fuck and Ernest puts the camera above them for the perfect shot. He gives her a massage first to warm her up. He asks her to suck on his cock a bit then gets some lube to do her anal! He fucks her ass while she plays with her pussy, then they bring in some toys and a pair of nunchucks to add to the fun, everything ending with a creampie. Tickle - Keeps Her Cumming Back For More ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tickle is on the bed in a white lace nightshirt as she asks Mike what he is going to do to her. She starts sucking on his tattooed cock. She bends over to take him from behind and she winces with pain at how big his cock is. Then she gets on her back holding her knees and gets fucked some more. She fingers her pussy frantically as she cums and then he slides his cock right into her ass. He starts slowly as she continues to rub her clit. His cock is slippery wet with her cum and he starts to slide faster into her ass. She cums and they switch positions to reverse cowgirl. He cums inside her and then she tells him she came twice but he only gets the 1 time. Then she deepthroats his cock cleaning off all of her pussy juice.

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Josie Li

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