#Amateur Vol. 1

Released at: November 15, 2022 by SHAUNDAMXXX
Scene 1: Shayla Banks & Shaundam- Shayla Banks doesn't have enough money to cover the cost of the repairs to her car so she decides to pay in another way. Scene 2: Angelina Mylee & Shaundam- Hot and sexy Asian model Angelina Mylee has a little fun with Shaundam and his Big Dick for a little while. Scene 3: Presley & Shaundam- You got to see this little nasty slut Presley. She is 18 years old and came to Shaundam cause she wanted to make her first porn video. This was also the first time she had Black Cock. From the beginning he pounded her tight little pussy. She even had some real tears falling from her eyes from getting stretched out, but she loved every moment of it... Well except for the part where he covered her pretty little face in black cum! Scene 4: Ada Bomb & Shaundam- After passing out at his own tattoo party Shaundam awakes and sees Ada Bomb stuck around and they decide to explore each others ink.

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