Amber Lynn's Bedtime Stories

Released at: June 19, 2001 by Horizon
Amber Lynn's Bedtimes Stories is a compilation of short hardcore stories. First Sasha Gabor comes back to his place with his lady friend Gina Adorabella and she's quite horny. Jacklyn Lick whose a very sexy brunette is waiting for her husband Ron Jeremy, he's late so she masturbates. Laurie Holmes is very excited because she loves Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery and Sasha looks like him. Veronica Suara doesn't want her hubby Ron to watch television anymore; she does whatever she can to get him to fuck her. Cheyenne Hardy puts the moves on her boss Sasha in the office. Amber Lynn is in the last scene with Steve Austin.

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Scene2: 00:18:51 - 00:30:47 (11:56)

Scene3: 00:30:48 - 00:45:55 (15:07)


Misty Dawn

Scene4: 00:45:56 - 01:03:27 (17:31)

Scene5: 01:03:28 - 01:16:46 (13:18)

Scene6: 01:16:47 - 01:25:00 (8:13)


Amber Lynn