American Punishment Collections #5

Released at: November 19, 2019 by California Star Productions
Out latest collection includes snipes of: "Uncle Nik," "Painful Employment" and "Gemini's Pain & Pleasure." In Uncle Nik Mistress Erzebet has to administer some heavy-duty corporal punishment to her unruly boarders. When she decides that they need additional direction she decides to take them to Uncle Nik, a master of discipline. In "Painful Employment," Mistress Gemini administers over the knee hand spankings to several of her tardy employees. It ends with the sharp thwack of the cane. And in "Gemini's pain & Pleasure" we meet Gemini once again. She must train Jia for a gentleman's club. It involves her ability to take numerous sessions of hand spankings, the paddle and the cane. Gia makes the grade and learns how to live with the red bottom that will surely come her way.

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