April Gillespie

Released at: September 29, 2017 by Transational Fantasies
Unique beauty April Gillespie is visiting the Strokers Couch from Portland, Oregon. Since starting hormones, her nipples are super sensitive... and always hard. She's pansexual, which mean she likes men, women, and everyone in between! She's been craving some pussy for a while, but today its all about the guys. She loves being tied down, spanked, slapped, and choked. Would you like to lick on her tight, little girl balls? Or would you prefer to suck on her big girl cock hanging out the crotch of her sexy body suit? She slips off her thong, and now you can see her cute asshole and huge dick at the same time. This flexible cutie can put her feet behind her head. She helicopters her love stick, smacking it against her stomach, and then she bends over so you can fuck her in the ass. Then, she pulls out a vibrating purple dildo and slips it in her tight trans girl pussy. The reverberations feel so good throughout her body that she starts dripping gooey precum. At last, she squeezes out a big mess of girl spunk all over her outie belly button.

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