Armpit Fuckers Episode 7: Dirty Laundry Babysitter Sex

Released at: September 9, 2011 by Ultima Entertainment
Roxy Wilde was babysitting for Mister Filthy Rich, and one night, his wife was out of town while he was at home with Roxy, doing their laundry. The horny old man began sniffing Roxy's dirty panties and armpits, and she gladly allowed him to taste her sweet smelling armpits and panties! Roxy began sucking his big, hard cock, and he started fucking her tight, wet young pussy like a dog in heat! While he was humping her on the couch, he also continued to lick her sweaty armpits and taste her cute, little feet! Roxy Wilde loved cumming all over his big, white cock, and she demanded to get fucked even harder! So, she jumped on his cock and rode him like a bucking bronco, and they fucked until he came all over her pretty face, covering her face completely with hot, sticky jizz!

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