Released at: January 18, 2001 by Vivid
**AVN Top 500** ~~"A Flawless Adult Film. Raylene's Finest Performance" - AVN~~ Hard to find and out of print, Paul Thomas directs this masterful period piece based in 17th Century Europe. Raylene stars as the title character Artemesia, the daughter of a master painter who is attempting to find her way through the pride and prejudices of artistic society in the 1600s. It is exquisitely filmed and a fairly accurate attempt at set design for an adult film. Raylene's performance was top-notch; winning her the AVN Best Actress award for 2001. **Original Liner Notes:** There were some things a woman was not supposed to do but in a world full of sexual temptation Artemesia was breaking all the rules. Visit a gallery of tantalizing women as director Paul Thomas paints a picture of desire and taboo set in the 17th Century.

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Raylene, Julian

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