Ashley Wolf Helps The Old Man Cum (Twice)

Released at: January 11, 2019 by Desert Wind Studios
We don't understand the attraction Ashley has for the old man. She keeps coming back to visit him even after he tricked her into sex while giving her a "free" massage. She looks so cute in his kitchen in her little tank top and shorts. He can not keep his hands off of her and she rewards him with a nice kissing session. After he leaves the kitchen his friend, Lacy, a hot blond MILF come in to visit with Ashley and soon SHE has her hands all over Ashley. It looks as if Ashley has a thing for older people. They all end up on the couch, kissing and touch little Ashley and soon has her naked. The old man starts playing with her pussy and brings her to a nice climax. The old man puts Ashley on the coffee table, spreads her legs and goes to work on her young pussy. Yes, of course she has a very strong climax. She seems to love everything the old man doses to her. We see Ashley next on the old guy's bed in the cutest red outfit that cover almost nothing. The old man is soon all over her. He gives her a cute pink vibrator and she can not wait to try and have another climax. He even plays with her tight asshole as she goes to work on her pussy. Yes, she cums again. They are soon all wrapped up into each other as she sucks his cock and he licks her pussy. He puts her on her back, gets over her face and sticks his cock in her mouth. The guy is old and can not hold back very long and cums right in her mouth and on her lips.

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