Asian Dollhouse: No Boys Allowed

Released at: January 3, 2011 by Third World Media
It's girls only in this Asian Dollhouse and No Boyz are Allowed!!! With no men available, these girls are sharing a lot of themselves as well as a lot of new toys found throughout the Dollhouse!!! Bupaar and Sherri are two silky Asian babes all dressed up and ready to play with each other. They passionately kiss as they slowly start to remove their tiny dresses and mini tops. Bupaar has a baby face and pretty skin with a fully shaved cunt. Sherri is slightly older and very experienced with other girls, as she rubs Bupaar's tiny vagina and shoves her slit in her face. Sherri swallows a big vibrator first with her mouth, then stuffing it between her 2 legs and deep inside her well maintained fuck box. Bupaar takes control of things, filling Sherri's insides with a big toy and gobbling her gash for a long long time. The moans are soft and sweet and the orgasms are intense, as these two turn up the heat in the Asian dollhouse together. Mintra and Sherri are two sluts kickin' it on the dollhouse sofa together. They are wearing their school dresses, white panties and both have flowers in their hair. They stroke the others kitty while Sherri sucks on Mintra's super inflated fake tits. Mintra caresses the younger Sherri's perfectly natural rack and probes her pussy with her pierced tongue. Juices are flowing as the long dildos start dropping in-between the two girl's legs. Sherri's clam hole eats up the long black one as Sherri gash gobbles up the skinny red one. From one's pussy to the other's mouth dildos are flying and juices are dripping all over the dollhouse sofa. Nina and Rewedy are students who were sworn to not have sex is class unless their teacher was watching. They have broken those rules and are paying the price for their naughty crimes. One gets bent over the chalkboard before the next girl does too, as their schoolgirl dresses come up and their panties start to drop. Teacher strips them down and uses a cane to instill her harsh punishment upon them. Their pink shoes and striped loose socks are pulled up high, while their meaty cunt lips are flopping and dropping into each other's mouths. Teacher watches and rubs herself while the two students kiss and caress their all natural and very tight bodies. Rewedy straddles Nina's face and feeds her some hole while finger cramming her pretty slit and hemmahroid ridden anus. The two never stop kissing and teacher never stops fingering, as the lesbian fun continues for a long while. Mintra and Sherri decide to play billiards in the dollhouse recreation room, but sticks and balls are not what these 2 are interested in. Tits and tails are more their game, as they get naked and cherish each others beauty. They chow down on the other's box and make nice to one another's meat holes. Out come the battery operated toys that fill them up and massage their clits. They pull the toys out from inside and lick them clean before re-inserting them deep inside the other. Malee and Sansanee make their way into the Dollhouse library to do some extracurricular research. They start with the full exploration of the other's mouth and body parts. Fingers and tongues take over the journey from there and a couple of dildos wrap things up as there wear down the inner linings of the other's fuck canals. The longest of the dildos is prepped for double duty, filling both their slices at the same time.

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