Asian Dolls Uncut Vol. 5

Released at: September 26, 2000 by In-X-Cess Productions
Scenes Include ============ Sunshine Lee ---------------------- From the archives comes Asian Doll Sunshine Nee in her first video. Just 4'11" and 100 lbs. of Thai descent. Sunshine talks about her sexcapades and then this 22 year old Asian starlet seduces Mr. Camera and he struggles to keep from exploding in her tight pussy! Poor Mr. Camera... are you kidding? Kiki Doll ------------- By popular demand we have brought back the Vietnamese sexpot named Kiki Doll. She likes to please her sex partners and she caters to their fantasies. Tall and handsome Alex Load fancies cheerleaders and Kiki fulfills him beyond his expectations and she fulfills her desire for hot cock. Giselle Yum & Saraya Ling ------------------------------------------ Back by popular demand, Sarya Ling returns after hey very first video appearance in Volume 4. She is hungry for some young Asian girl and Mr. Camera obliges her with Giselle Yum. Here in her first video this full bosomed beauty from the Philippines gets it on with the lusty Sarya. When it's over Mr. Camera's balls are so blue he is rendered speechless! Saori ------ Saori just arrived from Japan to find adventure in Hollywood. Along comes Mr. Camera and introduces her to sex. Not normal sex - vibrators in every orifice, ass licking, butt hole finger fucking every position sex and everything caught on video tape. This 22 year old model's first ever video will delight one and all. Translation provided.

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