Asian Massage Invasion 2

Released at: March 24, 2021 by Penthouse
When you're tense and stressed out there is nothing better than a good massage, or is there? How about an Asian massage with a gorgeous Asian masseuse who takes her job very seriously... and takes your body very seriously too. She takes it seriously in her mouth, between her delicate titties, and deep into her perfectly wet pussy? instant relaxation, instant gratification! Jason (Moody) is stressed out and really needs his accountant but accidentally walks into Jade's (Kush), Asian massage parlor instead. It seems his happy accident was just what he really needed (along with Jade's professional massaging techniques) to take the tension out of his complicated divorce. And she knows how to do a really "deep" massage with her mouth! Soldier boy, Chad (White) is new to the area and has never had an Asian massage. His dad told him while stationed on his base to look up Suzy's place, she gave amazing massages 30 years ago. The shop is still there, but Suzy is not, however her daughter, also Suzy (Cindy Starfall) is. Has mother Suzy passed down her amazing massage methods to her girl? Oh yeah! Once the silk robe comes off and Suzy's on the table and him, serving his country becomes a whole lot more rewarding! Seth (Gamble) has tried getting his bones aligned, been poked with needles, and taken so many pill to relieve his backache his doctor wants him to now try surgery, but Seth's not game ? he's heard Asian massages can relax a back. Massage therapist Kimberly Chi knows back problems can be caused by many different things not always seemingly back related, like Seth's cock, for instance! And all that tension inside! Just a little Asian magic performed orally and vaginally and Seth can kiss his back problems good bye! Mick (Blue) is at his usual massage appointment with Lulu Chu. He's particularly tense tonight because of marital issues so when his usual 30 minutes is up he decides he needs the "full package" and when it's an Asian massage that can only mean one thing! A full body massage with Lulu's full body on top!

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