Ass Fetish Yoga

Released at: January 9, 2021 by Horny Household Clips
Gorgeous blonde Yoga Goddess, Emilia Song, sits in lotus potion on her yoga mat. She sits elegantly with tight grey yoga pants, and a tight red sports bra deeply breathing in and out. Emilia opens her eyes wide, "Good morning. Welcome to How to get a booty like a porn-star with Emilia Song." Emilia advises you to take a morning mediation. She normally takes about 15 minutes to do hers. Emilia begins to stand up, "Then... You get into Sun Salutation." Emilia turns her backside to face you, and moves her feet hip-width apart. Emilia lifts both of her arms over her head, breathing in..and comes down to touch her toes, breathing out. Emilia jumps her feet back to a plank position, then brings her hips down, and head forward to a "cobra" pose. From cobra, Emilia shifts her hips upwards, into downwarddogg pose. Emilia's ass in her tight little yoga pants sticks high up in the air, peddling out her feet, which makes her ass cheeks move back and forth. Emilia moves from downwarddogg into warrior pose, and back to plank and downwarddogg. Emilia jumps her feet forward into a folding pose, and wiggles her body and ass around a bit. Emilia comes up to stand, and starts to play with her ass through her yoga pants. Emilia gets down on her knees, and shows you a little cat-cow motion. Emilia's ass goes up and down as she shifts from cat pose to cow pose, breathing in deeply. Emilia gets hot, and starts to strip off her Yoga pants. "I do like to do Yoga naked, sometimes." Emilia peels off her yoga pants, and throws them to the side.. Leaving a tiny g-string, and her top. Emilia gets down again, and starts to do leg lifts. She starts with one leg lifted straight in the air, then the other leg, then she does them crossed. In between legs, Emilia shakes her ass a bit. Emilia starts to sweat, and strips off her Emilia is only wearing her g-string. Emilia starts to do some squats, her tight ass squeezing with each lift. Emilia brings in her friend Conor, to make sure she is doing proper form. Emilia moves into downwarddog position, and Conor checks to make sure her proper leg muscles are engaged. Conor feels all over Emilia's ass, and agrees that she is doing it right. Emilia moves into cat-cow positions again, and Conor continues to check her form. Emilia stands to do some squats, and strips off her g-string. Conor lays down on the ground, as Emilia does deep squats over his face. "How does it look down there?" Conor agrees that it looks good, and that Emilia is in great shape. Emilia squats over Conor's face, and he begins to kiss and lick her pussy. Emilia does her sun salutation again, and while she is in downwarddog, Conor licks and kisses her asshole and pussy. Emilia ends her routine by standing, and putting her hands together at her heart. "There you have it! 'How to get a booty like a porn-star'"

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