Assploitations 2

Released at: February 11, 2004 by Mayhem
Ass...few things in this world are as lovely, especially when it's a young, ready and willing ass that's getting stuffed to the rim with massive cock! My little Anal Sluts and I are back at it again, Begging for our tight little butts to get jammed full of big, stiff cocks and larger-than-life ass toys. Vicky Vette gets us going with Tony T's huge fuckstick slammed deep in her asshole. Then, its an all out anal assault as special guest Hannah Harper and ass slut Ashley Long get reamed in the ass by Jay Ashley and our new weapon of anal destruction, a giant black dildo the size of a 747, Oh yeah! Lauren Phoenix licks my hot dripping cunt until I'm screaming for cock, then we both get our asses fucked by Steve Hatchers throbbing beefstick. Julie Knight gets tag-teamed by Alex Sanders and Mr. Pete, taking both of their cocks in her ass at once, and finally, Mr. Marcus teaches me the meaning of anal ecstasy by stuffing his black cock all the way up my quivering butthole and leaves it gaping so wide, it whistles when the wind blows! Until We Gape Again....

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