Released at: January 23, 2018 by Sensational Video
If you love your girl with meat on her bones then this is the place for you! Prepare yourself for four x-rated scenes with nothing but big girls, big tits, and big asses. This movie has it all! These ladies are pleasantly plump, with a bit of extra cushion for the pushin'. They also happen to be horny and craving dick. They're ready to drain your dick dry! Blowjobs, back shots, tit fucking are only the beginning of these naughty acts.

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Scene1: 00:00:06 - 00:30:55 (30:49)

Scene2: 00:30:56 - 01:02:05 (31:09)

Scene3: 01:02:06 - 01:32:31 (30:25)

Scene4: 01:32:32 - 02:01:15 (28:43)