Aubrey's Mirror Sexcapades

Released at: November 30, 2020 by Aubrey Naughty's Wild World
Just a reflection in time... Mirrors have always been used to see things from a different perspective. Or to gain a view of something that may otherwise be hidden or hard to see. In this video, you get to see it all from different angles.... ahhh.... the beauty through a mirror. Naughty Girl Aubrey decides to take advantage of a mirror that was left lying around. You can find her lounging about in a sexy red lacy teddy on her new brown couch with all of those dirty thoughts running through her mind. You know that Aubrey can't help but start playing with herself because you know how horny she always is. She starts by using her vibrator on that pretty pussy of hers. Then she pulls out one of her lovely titties and starts telling you how much she loves to squeeze her big, luscious nipples and make herself lactate. The more excited she gets, the more that she lactates. She loves rubbing that vibrator between her cunt lips making her so wet that she is about to start dripping. But this little fuck toy likes to have it all, so she pulls out her shiny little butt plug with the pretty pink jewel, lubes it up, and gently slides it into her tight little asshole. Nothing like having your asshole stuffed while playing with your pussy to get all those fuck juices flowing. Aubrey spreads her legs and gives you a great view of that pink pussy and tight asshole as she plays with her tits and uses the vibrator until she brings herself to a body-shaking orgasm. She's finally ready to finish stuffing her holes by sliding down on top of that dick on the mirror. Aubrey slides down from the couch and carefully straddles the dildo that's on the mirror and eases herself onto the cock by squatting down onto it, letting her wet pussy lips slowly engulf the dildo. You get an incredible view as you watch her ride the dildo, while at the same time being able to look up using the mirror to see directly up towards her sopping pussy as she starts to fuck it. Slowly riding up and down and then picking up the pace. Those big titties with the long nipples start bouncing all around the more she fucks that hard cock. She then switches positions and gets down on her knees and starts to fuck the dildo hard, letting her sweet pussy milk it just like a cock. Aubrey fucks that dildo just like it's your cock, waiting for you to explode deep inside her hot box, but she can't wait, she starts to cum again, keeping your cock nice and creamy. After fucking the dildo for a while, Naughty Girl Aubrey turns around into a reverse cowgirl position and drops that dripping pussy back down onto the dildo. She fucks it hard and gives you a nice view of that tight asshole with the pretty pink butt plug in. All the while you're trying to figure out whether to watch her directly as she fucks the dildo, or whether to watch the extremely hot view up from the mirror. Aubrey continues to pleasure herself while being double stuffed. She's milking your cock with that hot pussy, begging you to explode in her. She wants to feel you release that hot load of baby batter deep inside of her cunt. Naughty Aubrey rides your cock until she starts to feel your dick swell as it gets ready to dump its load, but this only puts her over the edge again into a body draining orgasm until she can't ride anymore.

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