Ay, la Machina!

Released at: January 1, 2004 by SobeGirl
Ay, la machine esta muy bueno, papí! Rosario is the newest fan of The Sybian. She climbs on top and immediately begins to moan. Once our crew turned up the speed, Rosario went fucking nuts. Rosario's young pussy was just a little too sensitive, so we had to turn it down a bit. But every now and then, we gave her a shot - and judging by her noises, we're pretty sure she enjoyed it. Rosario got so worked up that she couldn't keep her hands to herself. First she played with one guy's cock, and then she sucked the skin off his dick. All of this action culminated in a pretty serious orgasm on Rosario's part. Yo soy no mentiroso. Esta muchacha es más caliénte!

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