Released at: December 13, 2010 by Coast To Coast
"Wish they all could be California girls." Everyone loves the surf, sand and seas of the Calirfornia coast. But you can't eat surf or pound sand. In other words, you can keep the beach, we'll take the butt! It's ~~ Babewatc!~~! With hot, little newcomer Nikki Shane! Look at the bod! Sex-crazed sire Lois Aryes! Bitchn newcomer Carmel St. Clair! And her horny new friends Kat Karlson and Elizabeth. It's Bob Vosse's tribute to the wet, tanned hardbodies of the lady lifeguard set. And since he's the genius behind Robin Head, Earthquake Girls and Black Velvet, what a tribute it'll be! Babewatch. Watch

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