Babysitter 12, The

Released at: December 24, 2002 by Notorious Productions
Four more tales of babysitter lust! Let them in your house, and they go to work on you: One afternoon, while babysitting, Cameron is harassed by an obscene phone caller. Good thing Mr. Smith gave her his cell phone number so he could get home quickly to comfort her. Nothing comforts an upset babysitter more than a hard, hot throbbing cock in her mouth. This little babysitter really finds herself in a pickle when she orders a pizza and can't pay for it. Being a resourceful little girl, Jasmine quickly does what she knows best; she starts sucking cock for the pie. Then Momma comes home and all hell breaks loose. Little Rachel decides to invite her punk rock boyfriend Otto over while she is babysitting. Bad move. Otto is an out-of-control who decides to start destroying the house. Rachel has to calm him down quick. Good thing she knows how to work her pussy. Madison is so upset about what happened on the field trip earlier that day she cannot even concentrate on her babysitting duties. She feels like such a slut. Is it wrong that she got caught playing with her best friend's pussy? And what about fucking her teacher? Such naughty things this little girl did.

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