Back From The Hardware Store

Released at: October 4, 2022 by Dirty Doctors Videos
I had just got back from the Hardware store I Had been to get some screws for a D.I.Y project I am working on, But look what I came home with, One large Screw made of silicon not metal so I wonder what I will be doing with it, but first time to play, first I get my Tits out before removing my dress to show you all my new purple lingerie, I start to rub my pussy through my panties making it very wet indeed then Finger Fucking myself, I slip my panties off and Finger fuck myself some more and rub my hard clit until I reach a climax then I turn my attention to my hard nipples and give them a squeeze before reaching for my screw and screwing it deep into my juicy cunt. Then I slide it in and out which feels so good and makes a lovely squelching sound as I fuck myself with it, which feels so good as I slide it in and out harder and faster until I reach a climax, but I think I need something a bit bigger so come and join me on the bed, I have my Rose Bud nipple and Clit stimulator which makes my nipples even larger as I stimulate them now to try it on my clit and it certainly hits the spot making my clit harder and more sensitive, but time to put it back on charge and reach for my blue silicone alien Penis dildo which slides effortlessly deep in my wet juicy cunt and I pound away relentlessly hard and fast until I reach an electrifying climax then suck all my juices from its glistening shaft.

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