Backyard Amateurs #24

Released at: August 4, 2010 by Homegrown Video
These horny amateurs are all about going native and returning to nature. How appropriate for them to be surrounded by birds and bees as they fuck and suck in the Great Outdoors! Miss Raquel is lounging by the pool in her bikini. This hot redhead gets into the water with Lars and the real fun begins! She gives him an underwater blowjob and he licks her pussy. Then they fuck underwater in standing missionary position. Miss Raquel blows him again and he cums underwater. Danika is an adorably cute red-headed coed. She smiles and flirts while she swings at the playground. She agrees to accompany Papa Loadz to a more intimate location. A blanket is spread out, and soon enough so is a naked Danika! Papa whips out his hard dick and Danika gives him a slippery blowjob under the warm summer sun. Monika is a blond coed with piercings and tattoos. She happens upon the Van Beavers. Jennifer Van Beaver is a BBW with red hair and big tits. She and Monika flirt, and before you know it, they are making out, and rubbing and licking each other's pussies. They break out the vibrator and play... it's a wonderful day for a sex picnic! Alice is a cute, young brunette with big tits. We are treated to some up skirt shots before she changes into an Alice in Wonderland costume. She is outdoors, in a field, eating a banana. She gives Brock a POV blowjob, and then he licks and rubs her pussy. They fuck missionary, cowgirl and doggie.

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