Bait 2

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Mayhem
There's something about a sweet, fresh young girl that makes my dick as hard as a rock, especially when she's getting her ass jack-hammered, her mouth stuffed , and her pussy stretched to the breaking's so fucking lovely it brings tears to my eyes. Jasmine, Austin and Maggie won't be able to sit down for weeks after the double vaginal powerfucking they endure; each and every orifice is slammed, stretched and filled with load after load of steamy cum shakes. Summer and Diamond take yards of steel cock up their tight little butts until they both squeal like little piggies and are left gaping and begging for more! Dirty little Demi sucks so much cock down her throat that I thought she'd explode with joy-- and then she's turbo fucked and reamed like a roto-rooter...she loved every cum-coated, throbbing inch!

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Demi Marx