Baller Tales

Released at: May 2, 2021 by #LetsDoeIt
Johnny Castle is a friend of Jean Val Jean, our "Entourage leader", who is a millionaire French Star Chef who arrives late afternoon in Las Vegas for a weekend. The second day Jean has invited one of his favorite girls over his home to cook for her. Johnny is a party promoter, and while he is taking care of Jean's houses which the French man owns... Johnny Castle arrives at McCarren Airport in Vegas. He was on a business trip with the launch of the new Party App called BallerTales. He contacts Jessa Rhodes (a good friend) right from the airport and invites her over his house the next day to catch up. He drives home on the Strip towards Tomiyasu residence. He wakes up second day... Johnny is expecting a guest from Miami...Karlo Karrera is coming in town to talk about the Baller Tales application. At home surprise...2 girls waiting for them. Shavelle Love and Brooke Sinclair...they are house guests as always. They party all night...2nd day the girls are leaving and Ariana Marie comes in being "a gift" for Carlo from Johnny

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