Ballerina By Day Escort By Night (French)

Released at: July 16, 2014 by DORCEL (French)
"These beautiful hot dancers offer you their perfect bodies and nothing is off-limits. During the day, these young ballerinas work incredibly hard in their dance class. But at night, they put away their tutus and their pointed shoes and put on sexy lingerie and high heels to go dancing in a strip club for the delight of strangers. The double night life of these beautiful dancers has some mouthwatering surprises in store for you. For young Gina, everything seemed perfect: she had just joined a prestigious dance class and she had a boyfriend who passionately made love to her every morning. Yet everything will change with the start of the auditions to become a principal dancer. From day one, the sublime Ava makes a pass at one of the members of the judging panel. After giving him an amazing blowjob, she lets him do what he wants with her asshole and so he fucks her wildly in the ass and finishes by cumming in her mouth. The next day, Gina's boyfriend visits her at the dance class. But Aleska and her girlfriend seduce him in the blink of an eye. A lustful threesome begins which ends in front of Gina. Disappointed and desperate, she throws herself into the arms of the owner of a very special club where the most perverted men in the city gather. Gina is on the verge of a most unexpected experience."

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