Bambi And Thumper

Released at: May 22, 2012 by Bob's Videos
Every trip always introduces some new faces to the smoke scene, and this film, Bob's 81st smoke fetish title in the last 9 years, is no exception. Bambi is young, cute and fresh to the L.A. scene... her first time in town. Dressed up in nylon, fur and pearls she's transformed into a youthful goddess. She smokes for her own pleasure and to prepare her mouth for lots of hot and smokey activity. She proves herself a competent and natural smoker and an even more natural and sexy swallower... what fabulous technique! Blonde Georgia offers a different style of smoking for a mood piece set in lingerie and late afternoon sunlight. Her inhales are subtle and quite interesting to watch, and the more closely you observe her, the more her style grows on you. You'll see 2 more scenes with her in upcoming releases. And yet a third new face that you'll soon see much more of is the lovely Monica Sweetheart. It's surprising that the Czech porn star hasn't "connected" with Bob previously, but the wait was well worth the results! Monica was fabulous... a natural smoker with solid technique and a willingness to learn all about the fetish. This was her 2nd scene out of 4 and is meant as a teaser to generate some interest in Monica, and you'll be seeing much more of her soon. This film closes with a resounding THUMP... a terrific scene featuring the excellent smoking of favorites Charlie Laine and Mary Jane. They are deeply involved in a double masturbation situation, smoking like chimneys thru the entire orgasmic scene. It's actually a segment from a soon to be released Platinum Edition title (~~Lez Diagnosis~~), and once again, the ~~Special Smoking Series~~ connoisseurs get first peeks at this brand new footage.

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