Barbi's Slutty Adventures Volume 2 - Barbi's Insatiable Lust For Interracial!

Released at: January 7, 2009 by Barbi's Slutty Adventures
During the week I was a wild girl from head to toe. I met up with one of the guys I had fun with during a recent gangbang. His name is P. Boogie, and Jimmy and I went to a dance club where P Boogie D. J. 's. I displayed my wild nature on the dance floor as he played some wild music. I dance with about four different guys who took turns fingering my pussy and mad me cum right there on the dance floor. With all that excitement taking place, I was watched like a hawk by P. Boogie. I knew he wanted a piece of me again as soon as possible, but without all the other guys. As much fun as I was having, I couldn't want to bring him home to have one lustful fuck. Finally, when I did watch out! My horny wild nature had not subsided the rest of the night, so P. Boogie had to do everything to keep up with me. Watch the video to see if he was able to!!! My fantasy of being with Brutus had finally turned into reality. His muscular body and BBC get me wet instantly just by looking at him. However, getting together with him wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. First, I waited for him for an hour, horny as ever, in my sexy lingerie outfit, but he hadn't shown ready to go, all of which we were beginning to think was a waste of time. When I called him again to find out if he was still planning to come over, he didn't even answer his phone. I finally took out out one of my trusty vibrators and played with myself for half an hour to relieve my sexual appetite. I just had to get down and dirty with his BBC in various positions. He was well worth the wait, even though I was sore for several days after! When Brutus was leaving I gave him an open door policy, meaning if he is ever in the area, he can just stop by and have me whenever he wants! For this adventure, Jimmy and I traveled to New York to meet up with a friend of ours. His name is Big Max. We'd met up before as friends but we hadn't crossed that line. Finally, I told Jimmy how bad I wanted Big Max's BBC, so Jimmy had arranged for us to travel to him. Little did I know that Jimmy and Big Max had additional plans in mind to give me the weekend I'd look back and ask. "How many black guys?" In the end, I had been engaged in a five-man gang-bang four of the men who I was fucked by were black, making Jimmy the only white guy. All of the men used me as their white slut making me service them with handjobs, blowjobs and of course my pussy (all of which I thoroughly enjoyed!) I of course was rewarded in the end with the orgasm of a lifetime and all of their hot cum. Watch the video and see me swallow. I think five guys could ever give a slut. I truly have to say, I'd never ever seen as much cum as this night. I was going about my business as usual, when I heard the doorbell ring. Jimmy answered it and when he returned back to the bedroom where I was, he told me it was just some kids selling candy for some school project. Ok, I might have believed him at first, but when I asked him where the candy was, he replied he hadn't bought any. Well, if you know my husband, you know something was a lie. He never says no to candy, besides that, he is also a sucker for the kids selling stuff. When I heard the guest shower going, all of my hunches became confirmed, and I asked him who was over. I never know who might stop over, after all, I do give out open invitations to gorgeous guys to come over and used whenever they want (I just love being an available slut and being naughty!) When Jimmy finally let me know that the guest in our shower was Brutus, I decided I would have to join him and make sure all those muscles of his got washed thoroughly. As I washed all of his muscles, one thing led to another, and before long I had Brutus showering me in cum. Did I mention that cum is a good conditioner for hair?

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