Battling Wildcats

Released at: January 15, 2008 by Brandenburg Collection
This exciting match features two young and beautiful brunette girls, 19 and 21 years old respectively, dressed in sexy lingerie, battling feverishly to outfight and ultimately dominate the other. The fiercely competitive action is undeniably sexy and hot as these two sultry vixens give it their all, and stop at nothing, to achieve victory. The melee starts with the two girls slapping and grappling as they try to take the other to the mat. And "crash," to the mat they go! The action quickly heats up as they slap, kick, use body scissors, grab breasts, and pull hair for control. Before long, the sexy bras and garters they were wearing when they started the fight are ripped off, and their beautiful breasts are exposed for all to see. A long and lingering early headlock catches one girl off guard and nearly finishes things once and for all until she manages to escape and turn the tables. The action continues at a fever pitch with each girl giving as good as she takes until a final scissor submission is finally achieved. The winner then removes her panties, straddles the sobbing loser, and commands her to "lick it!" When the beaten girl doesn't comply, she is ferociously slapped and commanded anew to "lick it you bitch!" She has no choice but to do as she is told, and whimpers as her oppressor pushes her cunny and ass into her face. The victorious fighter demands that she be satisfied, and the facesitting and sexual domination that follows is erotic to the highest degree, with plenty of crotch to crotch and breast to breast rubbing and grinding. If you like to watch two extremely sexy young girls locked in a fiercely competitive battle with an erotic finish, this video is the one for you.

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