Beach Bunnies with Big Browneyes 1

Released at: June 21, 2014 by Risque Entertainment
Tyce Buné is a blond beach dude who just can't seem to help getting laid by gorgeous beach bunnies, all of whom simply demand to be shagged from behind. Buné both stars and directs here, and this is an especially impressive debut for this series. The sex is blistering from one reel to the other, and the female talent on hand is all nothing short of gorgeous. Tyce is double-teamed in the opener, and the anal proceedings are four-alarm hot, resulting in many, many climaxes for the ladies. Then there's the must-see closer, in which Buné piledrives the browneyes of two naked hotties. Each lady gets a heavy dose of booty sex, and Tyce manages three, count-'em three money shots. What a trooper! Incendiary backdoor action explored and produced by Tyce Buné, a pornographer who seems to have a 24/7 hard-on!

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