Before Bedtime

Released at: April 26, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Dark-haired Emma enters her bedroom, pulls down the covers, yawns and gets into bed. She is ready for a good night's rest. Unfortunately for her, she has not noticed that Headmaster Tom is sitting in the darkness. He has been waiting. He reminds Emma that she has been tardy to class, by two whole hours. And as such she has incurred two punishments: a caning in front of the class and, before she goes to bed, a good OTK hand spanking. He inspects the caning marks she received earlier in front of the class and to which he intends to add a hard, hand spanking. He bends her over his knee and spanks her already red and sore bottom. As she struggles and weeps, flailing her legs, he continues, encouraging her to just make sure she is never to come late again. He gives her 20 more seconds of hard spanking before sending her off to bed.

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