Bella Rossie Is Annihilated In Wrestling Match Then Fucked Good

Released at: October 20, 2018 by Evolved Fights
This competitive matchup is one of the closest calls we've had to date, actually causing us to evolve our set of rules. Wrestlers Bella Rossi and Max Blunts put everything they had into this and at the end of the match. Pace yourself boys and girls, this is real wrestling! You will be tired, you will be exhausted, but if you can't fight, you're gonna get fucked. Watching Bella Rossi and Max Blunts go at it is 100% real competitive wrestling: man vs woman, power against power, speed against speed. This match is a tie at the end and a tie breaker round must happen. Indeed, this calls for a rematch in the future. For today, Max Blunts is announced as the winner and gets to do whatever he want to do to loser. Bella Rossi is choke fucked, spun around like a little bitch, and taken in every way possible by Max Blunts. Going forward after this match, if a wrestler is too nauseous, he or she will forfeit the match and their opponent will be deemed the winner and get to do whatever he or she likes

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