Belly Button & Pissy Jeans

Released at: April 10, 2021 by Aubrey Naughty's Wild World
This is a custom pee video that was made at the request of a client who also likes belly buttons. The video opens with Naught Girl Aubrey standing in her bedroom wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She starts talking about how much she enjoys being able to pee in her pants wherever she may be. As she seductively rubs herself, she turns slightly to give you a view of how well her ass fills out the tight jeans that she is wearing. Lifting he shirt, she exposes her belly button and proceeds to rub her stomach and points out how deep her belly button is, and how much she would enjoy having someone fill it with piss. Aubrey continues to raise her shirt until her big tits are in complete view, then starts to squeeze and play with them. Sliding her hands back down, she plays with her belly button and talks about it being a fetish as she fingers it. Aubrey starts playing with her tits again as squirms around a bit trying not to pee herself just yet. She really has to go and lets you know how much she loves to feel the warmth of her golden nectar running down her legs, soaking her jeans, but she is not quite ready to pee herself yet. She reveals that watching you pee yourself is a total turn on for her, and that she would love to see a video of you pissing your pants after holding it all day. Would you do that for her? That would really get her excited. All of this talk has this piss slut ready to release the golden fluid from her bladder for you. Aubrey finally begins to give in to the urge to pee, and you can watch her light-colored jeans start to reveal the piss as the streams of piss show darkness in the material of her pants. At first it is just a little right at her pussy, then it quickly expands down her legs and back to her ass. As you watch, you can see piss running through her jeans and streaming onto the floor. But this is just the beginning, Aubrey likes to pee a lot. After showing you just how wet her pants are, Aubrey begins to pee even more, letting it drip through her soaked jeans, giving her that warm feeling all the way down her legs. Now it is your turn to pee your pants for her. She really wants to see it, so record yourself peeing your pants and send it to her. Picture yourself pissing on her belly and filling her belly button with your warm golden pee.

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