Belly Button Blast

Released at: July 1, 2012 by TicklingParadise
What can we say about 15 beautiful girls with 15 amazingly ticklish belly buttons? An entire hour of nothing but belly buttons being tickled with fingers, q-tips, feathers, flowers, tongues and teeth!! A very special specialty video from Paradise Vision with all your favorite models squirming and laughing, one after the other, one more ticklish than the next! Frenchy ~ teased with fingers and fingernails! Dominique ~ watch as she rolls her belly like a belly dancer just before Erin lays into her! Avery ~ With her little devil tattoo and her bright blue belly stone as she gets tickled with flowers and feathers! Erin ~ gets it good from Dominique... tongue and all! Layla ~ Watch as her boyfriend works her over with q-tips, feathers, fingers, and tongue! Lexi (Layla's real life sister) as Layla's boyfriend gets her good with a q-tip and some good old-fashioned fingers in the ribs!! Savannah ~ gets tickled with a feather duster! Brittany ~ the feather duster and Savannah's tongue drive her wild! Bobbi ~ feathers and q- tips for this baby! Bella ~ see her name tattooed on her belly as she is worked over with Erin's fingernails and tongue! Hannah ~ see Frenchy pour beer in her belly button and suck it out! Lana ~ (Layla's other sister!) Renee tickles her with a peacock feather and her fast moving fingers! Tye ~ in her cute little bra gets it good with fingers, feathers and q-tips! Viviana ~ can hardly stand to be touched, especially when Erin sticks her finger right down in her belly button!! Shawnee ~ in her tiny little pink outfit... laughing while she is fingered and tongued!! This video is a must if you are a lover and connoisseur of belly button tickling... and even if you're not, you will still love to watch and listen to these incredible tickles!!!

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